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MaintPro is a company that offers solutions for fuel monitoring system. We are a sister company to JA Trucking which is a transportation company that has been providing its high standard services and expertise for years. In order to maintain our success, we used these fuel monitoring systems on our trucks, and the results were as expected; fuel cost reduction and better safety measures.

MaintPro has been providing and building Hardware and Software Solutions concerning the Fuel Sensor System. We hold ourselves and those that work with us accountable to the highest standards of ethics to build our business on a foundation of trust.
We love the journey, seeing every problem as an opportunity while our personal mission keeps us in the learning mode.

MaintPro communicates the need for accomplishment by embracing our vision, core values and guiding principles. Our leadership is demonstrated through our passion and commitment to accomplishing our goals.

What We Do

FMS is a system that consists of a wide variety of fuel level sensors, and fuel flow meters as well as system configurations thus combining hardware and software to guarantee the best fuel management. We create solutions for Vehicles, building and industrial management systems. Our devices provide customers with full flexibility and choice.